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How to put label above links?

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I'm drawing a network scheme, and there's a router icon with connections to many other devices (other routers, switches, workstations, etc), so there's a bunch of links coming out of that router to every direction.

And for some reason these links are plased above router label, so I can see all the links, but only the part of the label.

How should I modify label to be it on top always, what's the correct way? I've tried to change label background color and border color, but success wasn't mine.
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Try changing the rendering order of nodes and edges. To do that, go to "File" -> "Preferences", tab "Display" and activate "Paint Nodes over Edges".
by [yWorks] (160k points)
Tried, but on a scheme I have some other nodes to represent locations, networks, clouds, areas, etc, and now I see just the parts of the links (as they are hidden by other nodes). So doesn't work for me.

"Paint Labels over Edges" could be the solution, but didn't find such option.

There is no such feature as "Paint Labels over Edges".

You could try to artificially enlarge your router nodes such that edges connected to the router start outside the label. You can use the following approach towards this end:

  • Create a rectangular node that is the size of the router node plus its label. The label text of the new rectangle should be a copy of the router's label text.
  • Reassign all edges from the router node to the rectangle node.
  • Remove the router node's label.
  • Select the router node and move it over the rectangle node. Right-click the router node to open its context menu and choose "Convert to Label". Choose an appropriate placement for the new label (e.g. "Internal: Top").
  • Select the rectangle node and change its "Fill Color" and "Line Color" to "No Color".
  • Run a layout algorithm to arrange the diagram as desired.

Corresponding GraphML.

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