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Is there a way to import SVG diagrams?

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I have diagrams done in svg - more specifically produced by graphviz.  Some of them have a dozen nodes/shapes.  Is there a way to import them?  I see Yed claiming to import and analyze data.  How about svg?  Or better yet, dot.
asked Aug 29, 2013 in Help by anonymous

1 Answer

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You can import SVG documents as templates for single nodes. Please see How can I use my own node symbols in yEd? for additional information.

There is no built-in support for importing *.dot files yet, but dottoxml can be used to convert *.dot files into GraphML. Finally, there is a feature request for built-in support for importing *.dot files you might want to vote for.

answered Aug 30, 2013 by thomas.behr [yWorks] (125,380 points)
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