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How to move chart upwards to avoid vertical page split

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I am using 11x17 paper. The horizontal chart fits fine on the page but the vertical is the problem. It keeps getting split onto two pages. There is plenty of room at the top and bottom vertically on the (first) page but everything is centered in the middle,  which is causing the vertical split.  I tried selecting everything and tried to drag it all upwards to the empty space at the top of the page but it does not move it. it just moves my view to the blank top. I have the top and bottom margins set to 0.2 but it still doesn't help.

How do I move everything up to the empty top and also be able to use all of the empty space at the bottom so that i don't get the page split vertically?

Thank you

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1 Answer

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Go to "File" -> "Print Preview" and open the "Settings". Make sure both "Poster Rows" and "Poster Columns" are set to "1".

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Thank you Thomas.Behr for your for your post.  I appreciate your taking the time to help me. That solved the vertical break problem.

But the way this is working is strange. I had originally set scaling to 0.75. That greyed out the Poster Rows/Poster Columns fields. But there was a greyed out default "1" in each setting. That was being ignored and I was getting the vertical page break. I changed the scaling to "automatic" as you showed; that un-greyed the 'Poster" fields. I manually put "1"  back into each field as  you instructed. Then it worked as you described - no more page break.

But now the bottom half of the lowest node was being truncated. I changed the scaling back to "0.75". The Poster settings got greyed out again but this time the greyed out "1" settings were recognized. So I don't get the vertical page break and I don't get the bottom node truncation, which is good. But it seems that starting defaults (Poster "1") don't work until you manually re-enter them.
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