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How do I hide edges?

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I'd like to hide all the edges in a diagram in order to lign up the nodes with a background map. Currently the edges 'block' the background image. Is there any way to do this?

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1 Answer

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Try giving the edges 'no color' in the properties tab?
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Tried it, but the edges still show up white...
I tried the 'no color' option (RGBA -,-,-,-), and it didn't really work for me either.

However, in the color pallete there is an option which has an RBGA value of [0,0,0,0]. Try that? Or you could also select "more", select the "RGBA" tab and set the "Alpha" to 0. Technically anything that has an A value of 0 is completely transparent. It worked for me.
Setting the Alpha to 0 did the trick, thanks alot!
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