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user oriented functionallity

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good evening =)


I'm using yEd and it's really awesome, never seen something cool like that.

But today I've noticed some strange behavior.

For example the navigation mode, do you really need this?

I think, pressing the space key to move around the view will be user friendlier and more effective while using your software. There is a similar function in Photoshop.


The Zoom is really confusing too. If you scroll with your mouse wheel, the perspective zooms in or out. A normal user awaits a scroll function to scroll up and down and if you press shift and using the mouse wheel it should zoom.


It will be easier to learn how your software can be used, if you implement user familiar functionallity =)

I don't want to order how you should programm your software.

Just want to ask what do you think about my ideas.


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Thanks for your nice words and your ideas! Some comments:

The Navigation Mode can be used to navigate a diagram without accidentally altering the position of any of its elements. Alternatively, you can also move around (pan) the canvas by mouse-drag with the right mouse button down.

I'm not familiar with the Space key functionality in Photoshop, can you describe what it does?

The mouse wheel scrolling behavior can be changed in the Preferences dialog to scroll up/down.
aah ok right click does the same like pressing the space key in photoshop.

ok I've found this settings.

thanks for your help! =)

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