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Why are some lines/edges not printing out?

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I've been creating a fair few diagrams with yEd for a while now and have run into this problem more than once.

I create a diagram with nodes and edges that connect them, then I go to print.

In the most recent example, the printed copy shows the main edge that I have running through the whole 7 pages only up to page 4 and then is non-existent on pages 5-7.

The edge is still there on the yEd diagram on the PC (Windows) but doesn't print correctly.

I tried to get around this by exporting to .pdf but the error gets even stranger - it prints out the original line (which was curved throughout the 7 pages) along with a copy of that same edge without curves, running straight from Point A to Point B, cutting across the text I have on the diagram.  

I've been exporting to .png as an alternative but this takes much longer to split the pages when printing (have to go through MS word and crop copies of the image).


I just had a thought - is there a maximum length for an edge?

I'm not sure if this coincides with the previous diagrams I was working with, but the edges that are not printing correctly (only partially) span several pages (7 in this case.


I would appreciate any help you can give, if any.

Thanks in advance!

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No, there is no maximum length for edges.

Difficult to tell what is going wrong. Can you upload your GraphML and the resulting PDF? (See How to upload files to yEd Q&A? for upload instruction. Please remove any confidential data before uploading files.)

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For me it was having "Vectorized Text" in the PDF tab. Choosing "Plain Text" fixed it.
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