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Feature appears to not work: remove node from group node by moving it out of the group while holding down the SHIFT key

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On page  http://yed.yworks.com/support/manual/edit_mode.html#add_remove_node_to_group_node

there is the instruction:

"To remove a node from the contents of a group node move it out of the group node while holding down the SHIFT"

This appears to not work for me, I HAVE TO resort to the Tree/Structure view.

It would be convenient if this feature starts to work.

Thank you.

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1 Answer

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This feature works as intended in yEd 3.11 (and has been doing so for a long time).

To move a node out of a group ...
1. move the mouse over the node in question,
2. press and hold SHIFT,
3. press and hold the left mouse button,
4. drag the node out of the group.
The important thing is the order of steps 2 and 3.

Note, this process does not delete the node.
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For some reason the procedure does NOT work on my computer.
What DOES work is the reciprocal, to use the SHIFT key to get a node INTO a group.
But, on my computer at least, pressing the SHIFT key and then attempting to drag the node beyond the perimetry of the group is of no effect to remove the node from it. Instead, the group resizes and does not release the node.
The problem could be localized in my computer, or it could be a bug fix requirement. Please validate that the feature is working.
This sounds REALLY strange! I take it that you first press SHIFT, then do the drag?
Still, fact is, if the group node resizes instead of letting the node pass, there is no SHIFT-key-down recognized. And, feature is working here as expected and described.

Since I wouldn't assume that a computer's SHIFT key *consistently and always* fails at exactly and only this operation, one other possibility would be that for some reason, your yEd installation got corrupted.
This is not entirely impossible, after all.

With that in mind, you may wish to download a fresh copy of yEd and install that.
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