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How to nest rows and columns in swimlanes?

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In answering this question, please refer to the "Swimlanes.graphmlz" example at: 

Help >> Example Graphs >> Swimlane >> Swimlanes.graphmlz 

"Lane 1" apparently was given two nested lanes "Lane 1.1" and "Lane 1.2".

I could not readily identify what is the procedure for creating such "nested lanes" (with siblings).

While we are at it, how many nesting levels are possible?

The process I am trying to diagram will also require nesting columns. Can columns be nested like in the "Lane 1" example?  is the procedure comparable or different?

Thank you.

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1 Answer

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Yes, columns can be nested in the same way as rows.

Simply drag a selected column/row into another column/row to create nested columns/rows (see also Changing the nesting level of rows or columns).

You can create as many nesting levels as you want to.

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