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How do I change the widths and heights of swimlanes?

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I have created my swimlanes, 12 rows, 7 columns already. I have also craeted nodes within the swimlanes.

I am unable to resize the heights and widths of the swimlanes, unless it is one of the outermost rows or columns (ie. the top and bottom rows, and the leftmost and rightmost columns).

How do I resize the rows and columns inbetween?

Thanks in advance!

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1 Answer

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Moving the separator between two inner rows or columns works as well but this doesn't move the previous and next separator in the table and additionally there is a certain minimum width and height for each column and row.

Therefore, resizing inner rows and columns can only redistribute the existing space but not increase the overall size a the swimlane table. If you need more overall space, there is unfortunately no other way than increasing the table and iteratively resizing rows or columns from the border to the inside.
by [yWorks] (26.8k points)
For some reason I can't seem to move the separator between the inner rows or columns.

I understand that the resizing will only redistribute space within the swimlane table, however I can't seem to get the bidirectional arrow which allows you to resize the rows or columns.

The bidirectional arrow only appears when you place the cursor over the outer edges of the entire swimlane table.

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