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Select label/go through labels by keyboard to select the right one?

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I'm geting the hang of having multiple labels per node, now I'm trying to make several so I can use different markups within one node...

However, I find it tricky to select the right label, sometimes it doesn't happen eventho I clearly try to double click the label I'd like to select; it only selects the other one.

Is there a keyboard shortcut to go through the labels somehow? Something like alt+arrow keys. If not, I'd like to enter this as a feature request :-)
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1 Answer

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Try CTRL+left click instead of double-click to select labels. If it selects the "wrong" label, simply CTRL+left click once more. (CTRL+left click cycles the selection state through all objects below the mouse.)
by [yWorks] (160k points)
Ah, it's a lot easier to select a label like that indeed!

I also found out why it was so hard to select the other label: I had two labels, the first one contained a lot of text. I then cut 'n pasted nearly all of it in a new label. But the old label kept its size, overlapping the new one. After changing the old labels' size (back perhaps) to fit content, it was possible to select the new label.
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