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Adding negative relationships

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Hi everyone,

I'm using yEd to create sociograms for my classrooms. I've been working only with positive inputs (preferred classmates) till the moment. Is there any possibility to add a negative input for the algorythm to take into consideration (i.e.: people I don't want to work with)?

Thanks in advance
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1 Answer

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Assuming you are using yEd's Organic layout algorithm to arrange you sociograms, the answer to your question is no.

The Organic algorithm treats nodes as repulsive forces and edges as attracting forces. yEd does not offer a way to specify the strength of individual forces, though (i.e. you cannot specify the repulsion between one pair of nodes to be stronger than between another pair of nodes nor can you specify the attraction for one edge to be stronger than for another edge).
Moreover, it is not possible to have an edge act as a repulsive force instead of an attractive one, either.
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