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How to select Symbols on Mapping Rules

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Hi all, 

I created a (excel) column containing the symbol information (DB Server, PC, Switch) and defined a mapping rule based on single values.  (See screenshot below.).

For the symbol I cannot select any symbols. I only can type in a text.

My question: for which symbol I have to type in which text ? Or ist there a symbol selector for this field and I just missed it ? 

Screenshot Properties Mapper

Thanks for any advice


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1 Answer

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Change the value for "Vorlage" from "Symbol" to "Mehrere".

With "Mehrere", you are able to choose a style template from yEd's palette in the mapping details (the column "Symboldatei" will be replaced with a column "Vorlage").

With "Symbol", you are able to choose an icon/image/symbol file (e.g. an JPG, PNG, or SVG file) from your hard drive. The values in column "Symboldatei" have to be file system paths to the corresponding files.
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