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How to modify Group Nodes?

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Specifically what I want to do is change the style and position of the 'open/close'-buttons. There are a few other things where I needed to be satisfied with "Good enough", so if there is a way to edit nodes beyond their properties in yEd, that'd be great.

Also I figured those sample nodes have had to be created somehow and you can even import entirely new Sections to the palette, so I figured there was something I was missing.
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Unfortunately, yEd does not offer a way to change the position of the 'open/close'-buttons. The styles for group nodes are not as customizable as the styles for normal nodes.
by [yWorks] (161k points)
Then I guess I should make a Feature Request?

Well, usually this would indeed be the way to go, yes. But to be totally honest, I doubt that we will implement more options for groups.

yEd Live offers groups with top-right/bottom-left/bottom-right 'open/close' button locations.

So maybe switching to yEd Live would be an option for you?

I don't think yEd Live would work for me, as I doubt that it could withstand what I'm needing it for. Also it seems to be simpler in a lot of ways compared to yEd, for example the node properties look a lot more sparse.

As for what I'm using it for, Writing, specifically to construct Skill and Perk trees for my literary RPG system. Though it kind of evolved into a 'murder board' with a lot of random nodes containing ideas, plotpoints, lore tidbits, character details, etc.

Also while there is nothing native in yEd, might it be possible to edit/add nodes by delving into the files? And if yes, might there be some instructions as to how to go about it?

If you mean the GraphML files that yEd creates when saving a diagram, then the answer is: "Yes, in theory this is possible." GraphML is a text-based format, you can open and edit GraphML files in your favorite text editor.

However, manually editing GraphML files in this way is highly not recommended. GraphML is a complex format and it is very easy to end up with an invalid file. For this reason, there are no instructions for manual editing either.

There is a public high-level format specification, though. The specification allows for application-specific, proprietary extensions and yEd uses a lot of those.

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