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yEd roundtrip with neo4j

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I tried to use yEd for editing a graph in a neo4j database. One approach was to create some nodes in yEd, export it in a graphML file, import this to neo4j, doing something there, exporting it from neo4j to graphML and reimport it to yEd.  Unfortunately the graphML syntax between yEd and neo4j is not the same. Looking to the details of the graphML file, it seems that the differences are technical simply about handling the labels, as written in a post of 2019. Is there any preferred way for using yEd with neo4j? I'm looking for a local application, not a cloud based solution like https://www.yworks.com/neo4j-explorer/ since I don't like to send my data anywhere.
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To be honest, I do not know Neo4j's GraphML format. However, yEd was never intended to work with Neo4j in the way you would like to use yEd.
(GraphML specifies how to encode structural information. Applications are free to store any other kind of information like geometry data, visual data, meta data, etc. in whatever way they want. As a result, there is no "default interoperability" between two applications solely because both applications support reading and writing GraphML files.)

The recommended way to interact with a Neo4j database is indeed the data explorer for neo4j.

The data explorer is actually not a cloud-based solution, but a client-side browser application. I.e. it runs locally in the browser on your machine. Moreover, it does not send data anywhere. It connects to a Neo4j database, pulls the requested data into the browser process that runs locally on your machine, processes said data in said local browser process, and displays the corresponding diagram.
If you connect the data explorer to a Neo4j database that runs on your machine, your data never leaves your machine.

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