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Where is documentation of GraphML format?

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I'm generating data in a text format right now - a kind of tree format, where A, B, and C feed D, and D feeds E and F, that sort of thing.  I'd like to visualize the data graphically instead.

I just discovered yEd, and it looks like I should be able to format my data in XML (GraphML), import that XML into yEd, and yEd will lay out my diagram all purty-like.  Yes?

If so, where can I find documentation on the format of the XML file that I should generate?


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Well, the GraphML specification is available on the GraphML website.

However, GraphML only defines structure. Everything related to geometry and visualization is proprietary. yEd will open structure-only GraphML just fine - it simply uses its default styles for nodes and edges in that case.
If you want to generate GraphML with geometry and/or visual features like fill colors, I suggest creating a (simple) sample document in yEd, saving as GraphML, and inspecting the resulting file.
Moreover, How to properly generate graphml with Perl has a short example showing the simplest way to include node labels.

By the way, if you are fine with assigning styles in yEd, TGF is very simple, structure-only format you could use.

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I am importing TGF just fine, but yEd makes all the boxes the same size so the text falls over the edges.  Is there a command to ask yEd to fit all boxes to the text size?

Yes, there is. Use "Tools" -> "Fit Node to Label" for that purpose.
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