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Missing edges in predecessor window

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in the predecessor window not all edges were displayed.


I have 13 edges and 11 nodes displayed. However, at least two edges are missing in the predecessor window. This is sad since it makes the predecessor window unusable for me because there is always a risk of incomplete information.
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The predecessor and the successor views only display edges that belong to the shortest path from the selected node(s) to its/their predecessors or successors.

This is a deliberate decision because less edges result in more clear diagrams and the whole idea for the context views is to emphasize a certain aspect of your diagram in a clear way.

You are welcome to add a feature request for displaying all edges in these views.
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I use the predecessor/successor views to extract contexte related dependency graphs, but since only the shortest paths are displayed, not all links are displayed ...
This is quite sad ==> the extracted depency graph is therefore useless.
It would be great if they're was an option : 'display all links'
Try a different approach: "Tools" -> "Select Elements", make sure tab "General" has everything unchecked and tab "Nodes" has "Use These Criteria" checked, "Select" set to "Successors of Selected Nodes", and "Maximum Path Distance" set to some high value (e.g. the total number of nodes in your graph). Copy and paste the result into a new editor tab.
Thank's, this work's but I loose grouping information. After looking at the Select Tool options, I can't find a way to do it.

Is this possible ?
Before copying, run "Select Elements" a second time with "Select" on tab "Nodes" set to "Parents of Selected Nodes". (Keep all other settings, especially "Clear Selection First" on tab "General" should be unchecked.)
Fantastic :))
This is exactly what I needed, we can do almost any selection we wan't !!

I think Macros are not supported ?
No, macros are not supported.
This is potentially a very useful feature, particularly with the option to "convert to document". I understand the need to keep the view simple, however, I think the generated document should include all edges (or have the option to), otherwise it is not very useful as others have pointed out.
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