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Difference between folders and groups?

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1) What is the difference between (sub)folders and groups in yEd?

2) How to code the information about a folder in the gml format?
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1) In yEd, "folder" node is just another name for a closed group node.

2) Do not use GML, use GraphML. GML is a legacy format that does not support all the features yEd offers.
That said, we do not provide help on file format specifications. If you want to create GraphML files yourself, either reverse-engineer GraphML (create a diagram in yEd, save as GraphML, inspect file in a text editor) or license the commercial yFiles diagramming library and use its GraphML framework.

by [yWorks] (161k points)
Thank you for the clarification about folders.

Concerning gml, it is just enough for our needs now (use yEd as a tree editor for "decorated trees"). I would like to use trEd but its install procedure fails (it needs an old gcc-4.2 compiler that I couldn't find yet).

GraphML is an XML format with a formal specification, thus there is better tool support than there is for GML. E.g. you would be able to use an XML framework to write GraphML files which prevents you from accidentally writing syntactically incorrect GraphML.

But hey, if you prefer GML, so be it.

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