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How to stick icon on top of cloud ?

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Hi, i add router icon at the edge of cloud icon.

Then i add computer icon and create link between computer and the router.

When i apply hierarchical layout, the router will detach from the cloud.

I want it sticks to the cloud.

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You need to add a label to your router node and set your cloud icon as the label's icon.

There are two ways to do that. Either

  1. Right-click the router node to open its context menu.
  2. Choose "Add Label".
  3. Enter some label text.
  4. Use CTRL+click to select the new label.
  5. In the properties view in yEd's lower right corner, click into the "Icon Properties" field to open the icon properties dialog.
  6. Choose your cloud icon as an icon for your label.
  7. Close the icon properties dialog.
  8. Remove the text from the new label.
  9. Drag the new label to the desired location.


  1. Create a node representing your router.
  2. Create a node from your cloud icon.
  3. Drag the cloud node over the router node.
  4. Right-click the cloud node to open its context menu.
  5. Choose "Convert to Label".
  6. Drag the cloud label to the desired location.

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Hi, thanks for the answer.

We have another question:
1. What cloud icon is best used for yed ? is there built-in icon for cloud ?
I use cloud icon from https://github.com/melroy89/yEd_cisco_network_icons

2. I successfully try with "convert to label". Thanks.
After converted, cloud icon will be at top from router icon. I try to raise router icon, or lower cloud icon, but still, cloud icon is placed at top.

3. How to attach multiple node to this cloud ? we tried, we can only attach 1 node to the cloud. The other node will separate from cloud when we apply layout.

1. There is no "best cloud icon for yEd". Use whatever icon you like the most. yEd's "Flowchart" palette section has a cloud template.

2. Ah sorry. Yes, labels are always rendered above their owner nodes. If you want a cloud below some other icon, you can try the other way round: Create a cloud node and create a label from your non-cloud icon. However, edges may only connect to nodes, never to labels. Thus if you start with a cloud node, your edges cannot connect to the non-cloud icon label.

3. You cannot connect edges to labels. You need to connect your edges to the actual node.
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