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why is the direction "same as flow" not working everywhere?

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I have made a flowchart with the "Ja" same as flow and "Nein" flatwise.
In the diagram I get this picture and I do not understand why the "Ja" is flatwise like the "Nein"? (see the linked picture).

Thanks a lot!

kind regards


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Would it be possible for you to upload a GraphML file of your flowchart that we can use to reproduce the layout result?

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Thank you very much for the link how to upload. When I wrote my question I did not recognize how to upload a file.

Sample File (Fortnite Championships 2024)

I am using yEd 3.23.2 for windows (installed version).

Thanks a lot.

kind regards


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Thank you very much for the sample GraphML file.

When I run "Layout" -> "Flowchart" with default settings except "Positive Branch Feature" set to "Ja" and "Negative Branch Feature" set to "Nein", I get the expected result:

Corresponding GraphML.

The lower "Team auf Platz 6-25?" does not look great, because the algorithm prioritizes "less crossings" over "one Nein edge connects to the left side of the node and one to right side".

What settings other than text for positive and negative branches did you change to get your result?

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