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Is label placement broken in latest yEd?

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Version 3.23.2
I love yEd, my main use case is quick 'project planning' using the heirarchical layout and grouping.

Few days ago, I was playing and I hit the Circular layout to see what it was. All the labels in the nodes moved out of the nodes, some went horizontal, lots went on an angular plan close to their node.

Went back to heirarchical, and the labels were still disconnected.

Played about with the general label settings (Layout | Label Placement), i.e. set to Centre, and some of the text went back to place, but others were still disconnected.
Tried the Label setting in the heirarchical dialog as well. no change.
It appears that some labels are now completely disconnected objects from the nodes.

Never seen this behaviour before,

Any suggestions?

Am happy to share the graphml.
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1 Answer

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It seems like you changed Circular layout setting "Node Labeling" to something other than "None" ("None" is the default).

The only reliable fix in such a case is to undo the last layout calculation, change the setting back to "None", and run the algorithm again.

There is no labeling or layout algorithm that can move node labels into their respective owner nodes in a reliable way.
by [yWorks] (160k points)
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