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Resizing node without adjusting afferent and efferent links

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I use yEd for sequence diagrams, among other things. Sequence diagrams have lots of activation segments (segments along the vertically dotted lifeline), with horizontal arrows going to other activations. I have to adjust these manually, but each time I adjust the height of one of them, all the edges connected to it move around and I have to select each of them in turn to make it horizontal again.

I'd like to have an option to leave the edges in their current position (unless, of course, I shrink the node, in which case edges pertaining to it could move up and stay horizontal or could simply adjust and become tilted.)

Perhaps Alt+Resize could do it.
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1 Answer

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Instead of resizing your node with the mouse, select the node and enter the desired new size in the properties table in yEd lower right corner. This way edge connection points will not be affected.
by [yWorks] (161k points)
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