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How to prevent Layout Tool from changing Groups sizes

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Dear all,


I do like the layout function very much, although groups are - in my case for a BPMN diagramm - resized in a way, which makes no sense to me.

In Detail, the group boundaries are getting much wider than nescessary.

Can I influence this behaviour in some ways?

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1 Answer

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No, for most layout algorithms, there is no way to change this. For BPMN layout, the algorithm has to decide during calculation whether an edge bend should be placed inside or outside a group, and if a bend is chosen to lay inside, the final group bounds contain this bend as well.

If bend positions don't explain the large group sizes in your diagram, please attach your layouted graph file to your post. Attaching files is described here: http://yed.yworks.com/support/qa/1734

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Hi Michael,

Working with the hierarchical layout instead of the BPMN layout avoided the sketch from messed as described. This is good enough for me for the moment.

Due to that I'm not allowed to make the file public, I tried to create a new one with a similar grafic structure. But here were no problems found, whether in BPMN layout nor in hierarchical layout.

Thanks a lot for your support!

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