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How to open gist yEd Live exported from there?

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I've "shared" a diagram as a gist on github. How can I load it in yEd Live and edit it? The URL is sth like https://gist.githubusercontent.com/<user>/12345/raw/678910/hierarchical1

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First, you need to obtain the raw URL for the gist content: Open the gist in GitHub and press the 'Raw' button in the top right corner of the document.

Then provide the URL to the raw file content as "file=<URL>" parameter:


For example: https://www.yworks.com/yed-live/?file=https://gist.githubusercontent.com/fskpf/e20aed5f2f510bb75a00f62a2ed44e9d/raw/6d9ce6bdd44c396e3655f823d5b24a6de1770cf2/hierarchical2

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