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Can't get normal layouts back after applying Tree Map layout

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Thanks for the program!

I tried different layouts, the diagram laid out well in all directions.

But, after applying the 'Tree map', the nodes are transformed and are not converted back to their normal form :-(

How to return to normal view?

Thanks in advance.

UTTT Machine States.graphml

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1 Answer

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You need to "undo" (see "Edit" -> "Undo") the tree map layout result to revert the node size changes.

The state information that is necessary for that undo operation is only available while yEd is running. Once you quit the program that information is lost. I.e. if you save the result and quit, then start yEd again and open the saved result, you have to manually change the nodes to the right sizes.
by [yWorks] (160k points)
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