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How to create a 'drop-down'-like list as an Arrow-Label?

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I want to use yED for the visualisation of our segmentation / vlans in our network. I would like to put the rules between the vlans in the 'label' ot the Arrows which connect two VLANs with each other in one direction (there is a back-arrow for the other direction). But as there are many rules, I don't want to see this as a whole but only when I fold it out.

I can use HTML-Tags to create a list, but the question is: can I make this as a 'drop-down'-like list so I can open the list to see the rules and close it again?

Or am I on the wrong track and I have to use something completely different for this project?
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1 Answer

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You cannot create an interactive label that behaves like a drop-down control in yEd.

I suggest to use a tool tip for this purpose. I.e. set the "Description" property of your edges. The "Description" is shown only when you hover over the edge in question and it supports HTML in the same way as the labels.
by [yWorks] (161k points)
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