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Add a watermark feature

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I want to print a huge 'DRAFT' over my entire chart. If I just make a real big node then I keep clicking on it instead of what I want to click on. If I 'lower' it then it appears behind everything else and I want it to appear in the front. Is there a way to lock a node so I can't click on it? Or is there some sort of watermark feature?  Thanks!
asked May 20, 2013 in Feature Requests by abarrie (970 points)
retagged May 31, 2013 by michael

1 Answer

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Unfortunately, there is currently no way to have a non-clickable node or a non-editable visual in the foreground.

For the watermark, you may want to try the background image option in File -> Preferences, Background tab.
answered May 21, 2013 by michael [yWorks] (26,550 points)
this is actually not too bad. it seems that the background image gets resized to whatever the export size is, which is nice. the only problem is that it appears behind everything so most of it is obscured. what would be a pretty simple mod is to just have the option of putting the background in front of everything and then it would basically be a watermark.
I agree, that wouldn't be very complicated to implement. However, there are quite a lot requests in this forum, so I don't know whether or then we'll do this.

PTW I change the title to sound more like a feature request.
OK. One final note just for clarification. I only really care about it appearing when I export (to a PDF in this case).
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