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Define Pictures for Nodes in Excel

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Each time I do a new yEdGraph I have 50-100 Pictures that I would like to show. I have an Excel and over the properties mapper configuration i can define color, text etc for the Nodes, but I would also like to show the individual Pictures. I have the Pictures as png. I have Imported all the images I need into a user-defined palette section. I can then klick on each line in the property mapper configuartion, but this needs to be done 50-100 times for each yEdGraph. Is there a way to automate this? 

Maybe with  "<y:Image alphaImage="true" refid="1"/>" 

or  "<y:Resource id="1" type="java.awt.image.Buffered Image"xml:space="preserve">"

"<y:Image alphaImage="true" refid="1"/>" 

or "<y:Resource id="1" type="java.awt.image.BufferedImage" xml:space="preserve">"

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If you want to use an image style for your nodes, there is currently no way other than the approach from How to create flowcharts with correct node shapes from Excel data?

However, if you are ok with using label icons instead, you can use properties mapper's "Label Icon" mapping:

The above assumes a custom property for nodes named "Image path" of type "Text" that holds the absolute file path to the image file you want to use.

A word of warning: displaying raster images requires a lot of memory - usually much more than the image file size if the image is stored in JPG or PNG format, because the file holds compressed image data but yEd needs to work with raw image data. Thus using lots of large images can deteriorate yEd's performance very much.

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