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How do you present your chart in a sequence

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When showing your chart to a group of people, I would like to know how you can sequence parts of the chart to be shown only. As you progress, you build up the chart either one by one node or a group of nodes.

This would be similar to powerpoint presentation where you can either set timings or a press a key (spacebar) to show the next unit.
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2 Answers

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Unfortunately, yEd has no such feature. As work-around, I propose to export each intermediate step to an image or graphics format and use another application for the presentation.

It might also be possible to mimic this behavior with the Undo action: start with the final diagram and iteratively delete all elements that are not part of the previous step. Finally, you can 'play' the presentation with the undo command. I suppose, this solution is rather cumbersome.
by [yWorks] (26.8k points)
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Another workaround would be to store each intermediate step as a GraphML file and then open each step in its own editor tab. In your presentation, you simply switch from one editor tab to the next.

Of course, for many steps this approach is a bit cumbersome, too.
by [yWorks] (151k points)
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