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yEd Live - arrows hidden by nods

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in yEd Live im trying to display arrows in front of nods by puting the nods in the background. That is not working.

How to display arrows in font of nods ?

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2 Answers

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You need to use group nodes to create a node hierarchy with parent and child nodes to achieve the desired visualization:

Corresponding GraphML.

Unfortunately, using shape node styles for group nodes is quite involved:

  1. Create a shape node with the desired shape and colors.
  2. Right-click the shape node to open its context menu and choose "Style" -> "Copy Node Style".
  3. Create a group node with the "Panel Group" template from the "Groups" palette section.

    Do not use any other group node template.
  4. Right-click the group node to open its context menu and choose "Style" -> "Paste Node Style".

Now that you have a group node that looks like a shape node, you can assign other nodes as child nodes for that group node. There are two ways to assign a child node to a group node:

  1. Drag a new node from yEd Live's palette into the editor area and drop it inside the group node.
  2. Click a node to select it.
    Press and hold the left mouse button and start moving the mouse (and the selected node).
    While still pressing the left mouse button, press and hold the SHIFT key.
    Move the node inside the group node.
    Release SHIFT and mouse button.

If you connect a child node to a node outside the group, the corresponding edge will be drawn over the group node but below the child node (and below all other child nodes of the group node).

by [yWorks] (160k points)
Thanks for that answer
I manage to find a quicker way :
- first creat a nod with transparent background and line
- copy the style of that nod
- select an edge from the palette, drag and drop it to link the to nod that you want to link
- the edge is not visible yet
- now right clic on 1 of the 2 nods that you previously linked and select group the selection
- the edge will appear and a group
- select the group and past the style of the transparent nod to make it disapear
Nice to know that you found a way that works for you.
Just keep in mind that there are now invisible nodes in your diagram. These are notoriously hard to work with (because you do not see them).
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FWIW, we just released an update for yEd Live that should make this scenario much easier.

The context menu now offers a "Convert to Group(s)" entry that converts the selected nodes to groups and automatically reparents them if an overlaying node is entirely within the bounds of the node that is converted to a group.

So in this case, it should be sufficient to select all nodes that contain child nodes (visually) and select "Convert to Group(s)", e.g.

by [yWorks] (1.3k points)
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