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Is there an option to change the behavior of move group when clicking on background?

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Is there any option to make it so you can only move an expanded group by clicking on the title bar and not anywhere in the background? The majority of the time when I am clicking and dragging inside a group it is for the purpose of selecting things, but if I happen to have the group selected then it moves the group. I would rather that the group can only be moved when I drag on the titlebar. I know that this is 'not the default behavior and would confuse people to change it' but I was wondering if maybe there was an option for this bahavior somewhere that I could change?

asked May 14, 2013 in Feature Requests by abarrie (970 points)
recategorized May 20, 2013 by abarrie

1 Answer

0 votes
Unfortunately, there is currently no option to change this behavior.
answered May 15, 2013 by thomas.behr [yWorks] (126,270 points)
I know that your feature request priorities are based on number of votes, but this is really driving me crazy - I have several flowcharts where everything is grouped and I can't select anything because I keep moving the groups around.
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