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Regex syntax does not match java website

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I am trying to use the find function built into yed to quickly search through my nodes using the find feature (or any other means). 

ie to locate the node with label "to do this complement all remaining bits"
using the query keywords "complement bits"

the find functions "Match Text" options haven't worked for me, so I thought the regex option would suit best.

I use https://regex101.com/ to help me build regex searches, using the java 8 flavor.

and this java api for regex

the regex101 website is able to find the text, while yed isn't.

are the syntaxs different? if so is there a reference I can use to build queries

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1 Answer

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yEd uses Java's Pattern class for regular expression matches as well, so you are using the correct reference/documentation.

What regular expression did you use for your keywords "complement" and "bits"? E.g. (?:.*complement.*bits.*|.*bits.*complement.*) should work for this case.

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