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how to change multi-segment (orthogonal) edges to one straight line (node to node) automatically

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I have a tree graph created in a tgf program by another application. The graph displays in yEd fine, my only issue is that when the layout is changed to tree, the lines that form the edges are multi-segment lines. I would like to change it to straight line. Not manually, I know how to do it manually! There are over 2000 modes in that tree.

There should be some sort of settings that control the shape/properties of an edge.

Thanks so much!
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1 Answer

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You can delete the bends of all edges or some selected edges and get straight lines with the 'Straight Line' edge router (Layout > Edge Router > Straight Line).

For trees, I propose to use a tree 'Layout Style' that creates straight lines in the first place, that is 'Balloon' or 'Directed' with setting 'Orthogonal Edge Routing' disabled. These layout algorithms will avoid overlaps between nodes and lines which may be created by simple removing bends afterwards.
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