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Save and Restore Mapping of Property Mapper

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is there a possibility to Export/Import the mappings of the Property Mapper? I have created some mappings (more or less complex) for an Excel Import and I do want to save these mappings together with the Excel and Graph files.

Is there a possibility persist or to transfer these mappings to other installations of yED?

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That is possible but it requires manual copping since there is no explicit tool or feature to import and export these settings.

yEd stores most of the settings of its various tools on closing in its so-called profile directory and restores them on the next start. Fortunately, the settings of the Properties Mapper are in a separate file which can be copied to any other installation.

Therefore, you can do the following:

  • Close your yEd
  • Go to the profile directory: http://yed.yworks.com/support/qa/9. On Windows, its '%Appdata%\yWorks\yEd'
  • Copy the file propertiesmapper.xml
  • On the target system/user account, close yEd and paste the copied file into the target's profile directory
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Thanks, that answered my questions and fit my needs.
Best regards.
That helped me too.
Thanks for this and for the great software!

It is no longer necessary to copy configuration files manually. As of yEd 3.13 (which has been released yesterday), the properties mapper has buttons for exporting and importing configurations.

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