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Edge type without bends

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I need an edge type without bends (straight lines with arrows from node to node),

This could prevent unwanted insertions of bends by yED.

How can I do this?
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Ha, I just found out why I could not get any straight lines anymore. Whatever edge type I chose, I would always create at least one bend. It turned out that my problem was hidden under the menu point of 'Ansicht' ("view"?). There is an option called "orthogonal edges F10" and I might have activated it unconciously. By turning this option off, I was finally able to draw straight lines again! So, I think the placement of this menu point and its effects on drawing edges is a bit misleading. However, I am happy that I could get rid of this.

2 Answers

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There is no such edge type. You can use the Element Selection tool to select and delete all bends or bends of selected edges.
by [yWorks] (26.8k points)
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yEd allow us to customize the looks of nodes and edges and to use it as the default.

To customize the default edge type, first draw and edge and remove all the nubs to make it straight.

Second, in the 'Current Elements' palette you can see your new edge. Select and set it as 'Default'.

Afterwards, everytime you draw an edge it will use your new straight edge, until you change it again.

Hope it help!
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