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auto connections

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Connecting objects is very time confusing and in most cases, completely unnecessary. I would say on average using graphical editor programs that connecting objects takes up close to half the time to do the drawing.

So unless I missed this feature in older versions do you folks plan on adding the "auto connect" feature on your newer versions of the software?  

Typically other similar graphical editors I have recently used, one just selects a new object then place it very close to an existing object and the connection is AUTOMATICALLY made. Placing the second object a bit further away leaves the objects unconnected. Its as simple as that.

Another option I have seen is to simply put in all the objects in ones desired position then at the end, select auto-connect and the lines are ALL automatically connected.

Such programs then give the option after the fact to move or delete any undesired auto-connections that have been previously made. Again, its as simple as that. 


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I have added your suggestion to our list of possible improvements for yEd. Due to the tremendous size of that list I cannot make any promises when or even if we will be able to include your suggested feature.
by [yWorks] (161k points)
Meant to say on first line "Connecting objects is very "time consuming" instead of "time confusing" typo. I realize your list is probably very big but you need to understand this "auto connection" feature is a VERY BASIC thing you need to have to be competitive with all the leading programs out there today that ALREADY have this feature.
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