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why is my Node Text cut off on the right

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As you'll see in this GraphML, some of the Nodes are missing a little bit of the Text on the Right.

I'll add unprintable characters to make it look better.

But, is there a more elegant solution?
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1 Answer

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You are using HTML formatted text and the cut-off happens for zoom factors other than 1.0, right?

In this case, the cut-off is the result of non-linear text scaling. This is a Java feature for better readability of scaled text.

Unfortunately, there is currently no better solution than to append some whitespace characters at the end of (each line of) your text.
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What's the best white space character?

I tried char(160; but, it did NOT do anything :(

How many do I need to add?

Do I always add it?

If you are using HTML formatted text, then non-breaking spaces   is the way to go. If you are using plain text, simple blanks are sufficient.

The size difference of linear scaling vs actual scaling for a line of text depends on the zoom factor, the font, the number of glyphs, and the whitespace-to-non-whitespace ratio in that line. Thus it is not possible to know in advance how many trailing whitespaces are required to prevent cut off for the last visible character in that line. You will have to find out for each case/line separately.

Finally, if and when to add trailing whitespaces is up to you.
Personally, I never add trailing whitespaces and just accept the cut off. (Text is always fine at zoom factor 1.0, so I "optimize" my text to be read at zoom factor 1.0.)


I looked for How do "I "optimize" my text to be read at zoom factor 1.0.+: but, could NOT find that setting.

Please tell me how do to that?
There is no setting for optimizing text.

What I meant by "optimize" is that I choose font sizes, text colors, line breaks, and node sizes in such a way that the information is clearly displayed and easily read at a zoom factor of 1.

That sounds like a lot of Manual Work???

I import everything from Excel and prefer NOT to make ANY Manual Changes. I change Excel Data and re-import it!!!

Is there anything that I can change to get publishable results?

Text cut on the right is NOT Publishable :(

As far as I can tell, you have the following options:

  1. Do not use HTML formatted text. (You never answered the question from my initial reply, so I guess this whole problem appears only for HTML formatted text.)
  2. "Publish" your diagram at zoom factor 1.0.
  3. Manually optimize your text.
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