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How to display Edge Text Clearly

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Hi Thomas:

I'm working with some guys who are creating their version of an Ontology in PowerPoint. I organized their information in this spreadsheet:


The Edge Text to Node Pair is NOT clear.

Previously, you told me to use Edge routing to get clearer Edge Text. I tried every variant and all are messy.
Here is the GraphmMLfile


The Ontology is for ~800 OT cybersecurity terms and is very complex.

I'd appreciate any and alls suggestions.

Cheers, Bill
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1 Answer

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Your sample graph is very compact and has little to no room for labels. Changing edge paths without changing node positions (which is what edge routing algorithms do) cannot free up more space for labels in this specific case.

You will need to create a less compact arrangement with enough space for your labels.

The easiest way to do that is to run the hierarchic layout algorithm with edge labeling enabled. I.e. use the algorithm's default settings except for the labeling options below:

Resulting diagram.

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Thanks for your timely reply.

It works quite well.

I really like yEd and appreciate your willingness to help people like me find the neat features like this Edge placement and the many other suggestions you have made in a timely, clear, and concise manner.

I did NOT find how to mark this reply as Best. But, I'll keep looking.

Cheers, Bill
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