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Elements - Font size

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I think the proportion element size / font size could be larger. Here is a comparison BPMN Task Element:

ToolMax. # of charactersElement
Camunda Modeler15
MS Visio16
Sparx Enterprise Architect22

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1 Answer

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Since the most useful default size will probably very much depend on the actual data that is displayed in a BPMN diagram, I think the most sensible solution is to create a user-defined palette section with templates that match your requirements:

  1. Create a user-defined palette section (see "Edit" -> "Manage Palette").
  2. Drag a BPMN task activity from the default BPMN palette into an editor tab.
  3. Adjust the size (and every other property) of the activity to meet your requirements.
  4. Right-click the activity to open its context menu and choose "Add to Palette".
  5. Use the custom template when creating new activities.

The above approach should work fairly well, if you need to adjust only a few templates. If you want to adjust (almost) all templates in a given palette section, I propose the following approach:

  1. Right-click the header of the BPMN palette section (or whatever section contains the templates you want to adjust) to open its context menu and choose "Convert to Document".
  2. Adjust all the templates in the new editor tab to meet your requirements.
  3. Create a new user-defined palette section, but be sure to choose "Adopt from Document" to automatically populate the new section with all the elements from the currently active editor tab.
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