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How can I scale the UI of yEd for it to be usable on 14'' full HD screen (Xubuntu 22.04 LTS)

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I just installed yEd 3.22 on a 14'' notebook with a full HD screen resolution (1920x1080), running Xubuntu 22.04.

While yEd seems to be running fine it is almost unusable due to the microscopic text size (< 1.5 mm?) of the UI.

I looked for solutions and found:


I added "-Dsun.java2d.uiScale=2.0" to the starting line in the yEd starter script, and indeed, everything was scaled up, but far more than just twofold. Now everything was so big that, again, it is impossible to work with yEd. So I tried several values between 1.0 and 2.0. But even though the original hint suggests it, Java doesn't seem to honor the part of the values after the dot. So I get either too small or too large a UI.

I also tried the solutions suggested in your FAQs section ( https://yed.yworks.com/support/qa/2183/high-dpi-support-for-ui?show=2192#a2192 ), like

GDK_SCALE=2 /usr/lib/jvm/java-11-oracle/bin/java -jar /opt/yEd/yed.jar

But again, it is impossible to get a fractional scaling like 1.5x or similar. So I am stuck.

Any solution?



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I am having exactly same issues since upgrading from Win10 to Win11.  UI text and icons have become unusably small.

As it is cross platfrom, I am more inclined to think a bug has crept in with Java and recent updates?  I'm not an expert though, but interesting that UI scaling issues are cross-platform also.
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