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4K scaling still not working

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I have the same problem using yed 3.22 and Java 15.0.2. Everything in yEd is tiny on my 4K monitor.

I have used the yEd-3.22_with-JRE15_64-bit_setup.exe package for the installation on a Windows 10 system. In the About window I can see that it is using Java 15.0.2. 

It is something that was broken in version 3.22 or am I missing something?


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Scaling works fine on our Windows test machines with 4k displays. Thus this seems to be a problem specific to your machine. Maybe you are using an unusual scaling configuration or a custom theme that interferes with scaling.

In any case, there is fairly little we can do about this on the yEd side of things, because yEd relies on Java's built-in HDPI support.
by [yWorks] (161k points)
Thank you for the fast response.

I have tried to install yEd on several machines at work and they all have the same display issue. There are no custom themes, they all use the recommended 150% scaling. The only thing that is “special” is that they are accessed through Remote Desktop. I’ve been working remotely for the past 2 years, and I never had issues with that but anything is possible.

As an additional test, I installed yEd on my corporate laptop and indeed it does works fine on a 4K monitor. It just doesn't work on the computer that I need to use!

Any suggestions are welcome, thanks for your help.
Hi, I am also experiencing an unsuable UI (text and icons are too small to see) on Windows 11, with latest yEd using Java 15.

It previously ran fine, and thought it was the Win11 update (as Win11 seems to scale numerous things incorrectly), but am now wondering if related to the older java 15 versus the latest 17?  Does latest Java maybe deal with Windows 11 better in regard to scaling?

Laptop is an HP Dragonfly with 3849 x 2160 FHD screen.
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