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Why does Hierarchic layout in 'Layout > Selection (partial)' not work the same as normal Hierarchic layout?

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Why does Hierarchic layout in 'Layout > Selection (partial)' not work the same as normal Hierarchic layout?

I have a diagram sorted with a specific Hierarchic setting that gives me the layout I want.  But there is a small section within that diagram that I do not want to arrange hierarchically.  So I select everything else and I use 'Layout > Selection (partial)' to layout the selection in Hierarchic layout.  The problem is though that this panel seems to have Hierarchic settings that are not the same as the main Hierarchic settings and I cannot get it to behave the same way.
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Your approach "select everything else and use Selection (Partial)" is not what the "Selection (Partial)" algorithm is meant to do. This algorithm is meant for a situation where your diagram is already arranged properly and there are a few (new) elements that need to be integrated in the existing layout.

Unfortunately, there is no layout algorithm in yEd that is really well-suited for your requirement.
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I'm not sure I understand the Selection (Partial) option given your comment.  What would be the difference between just running a basic hierarchic layout in your scenario?  Could you explain in any more detail what Selection (Partial) brings?
Suppose you have a diagram that has been arranged with hierarchic layout. Then you add a new node and connect it to another node. When you now run hierarchic layout again, the whole diagram will change. Even if you run hierarchic layout with option "Selected Elements Incrementally" (and only the new node selected), the coordinates of all elements will change (even though their relative positions will be kept).

If you run "Selection (Partial)" after inserting and selecting the new node, the coordinates of unselected elements will not change at all. Only the selected new node is moved.
I get that but the problem I see is that the hierarchic formula used in the selection (Partial) is not the same as standard hierarchic formula.  I get unwanted results.
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