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The yEd window remains blank under Wayland (with Sway)

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I installed yEd 3.22 under Debian 11.  When I launch yEd the splash screen appears OK and then the main window opens.

The main window remains blank even if I operate different shortcuts, resize it, focus it in and out, etc.  I do have Xwayland running.  I am using Sway.

On the same machine, no problems running yEd under X11 directly (e.g. with XFCE)
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2 Answers

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I do not think this problem can be fixed on the yEd side of things. yEd is a Java Swing application. As such all the "low-level" rendering is handled by Java.

My guess would be that this is actually a shortcoming of XWayland, because yEd works with other X servers.

There are plans for Java to support Wayland some day (see OpenJDK Project Wakefield), but I do not know how close to "production-ready" that project is.

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I had the same issue however the solution is pretty simple, as per https://wiki.archlinux.org/title/Sway

You want to launch yed with environment var _JAVA_AWT_WM_NONREPARENTING set to 1:

I'm using an app launcher, so I modified my yed.desktop file accordingly:
[Desktop Entry]
Name=yEd Graph Editor
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