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Multi condition property mapping

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I would like to format an edge only when two specific custom attributes meet a specific value.  For example, I want a red line ONLY if attribute A is positive and if attribute B is positive.  The edge should only be red if BOTH attributes are met, not either on their own.
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Unfortunately, this is currently not supported.

The best you can do is using yEd's "Select Elements" tool to select all edges that satisfy the first criterion and then run "Select Elements" again for the second criterion but with "Act On Current Selection Only". After the second run, only the edges that satisfy both criteria are selected and you can change their format.
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It's not really a solution unfortunately.  Is there a way to submit it as a feature request?  The use case I need this for is using yEd as a threat modelling tool.  I add custom attributes to edges like 'uses encryption' and 'transmits sensitive assets'.  If the 'transmits sensitive assets' is selected but the 'uses encryption' is not I want the line to display as bright red as a visual que that there is a security risk present.
I changed your question into a feature request.

No promises, though.
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