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Evenly space nodes

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Can there be a way to select a bunch of nodes and have them spaced evenly apart
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1 Answer

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Try "Edit" -> "Align Nodes" -> "Distribute Horizontally" and "Edit" -> "Align Nodes" -> "Distribute Vertically".
by [yWorks] (158k points)
Yes, that is the feature I was looking for thanks! The problem, though, is that when I use this feature all the wires connecting things tend to get all messed up. Is there a trick to get the wires to sort of automatically adjust to the new spacing? To give an example, I have a tall column of nodes. Each one has a wire that comes out the side and goes somewhere at nice right angles. When I respace the column, I would like the wires to still look nice and still go where they were going. Maybe I just need to play around with the style of the wires, or have them also included in the selection when I do the distribution?
Select the edges (as "wires" are formally called) that are messed up and apply one of yEd's edge routing algorithms (see "Layout" -> "Edge Routing").
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