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Restoring basic mouse functions in Full Screen view?

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Hey guys,

yEd is great! The only thing I miss is the ability to adjust the graph in Full Screen view.

I was surprised to find that, unlike every other graphics program I've used, Full Screen in yEd just shows a picture of the current graph, without the ability to change it.

The reason I—and most other users, I assume—enter Full Screen view is to see the entire graph as closely as possible. That's also when it'd be the easiest to make changes that affect the whole graph's layout and balance.

I'm not talking about anything fancy... Obviously, with the property boxes and other features hidden, this would be limited to mouse operations: moving and resizing nodes, moving edges, editing labels. (Keyboard shortcuts related to hidden features would also be disabled.) This would be tremendously useful, IMHO.

Programmatically, would it really be that hard? Wouldn't yEd's functionality be pretty much the same, just without access to the hidden objects (which seems automatic, right)? I assume that when you implemented Full View, you actually had to turn off the normal mouse functionality... Maybe you could just turn it back on?

Thanks for considering this!

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