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Auto create missing nodes on GraphML import

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is there an option to make yEd "auto create" missing nodes when importing a GraphML file?

Right now my converted graphs have always some edges that reference to missing nodes on one side. This causes yEd to abort the import and throw the following error stack:

y.H.B.B.a: Source node id ke202 not defined in this graph!
    at y.H.B.B.Y.Ă(Unknown Source)

Would be great to have that!

Kind regards,

Michl Schmid
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1 Answer

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Unfortunately, automatically creating nodes when reading broken GraphML is currently not supported.
by [yWorks] (152k points)
Any chance to see this in a future version?
To be honest, chances are low for that one. :-( Why are your GraphML files broken in the first place?
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