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Secondary grouping - excel import

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Please find attached images, I would like to add a secondary group (vertical) connecting the marked group1 nodes while keeping (horizontal) grouping.

I have used this multi-level grouping guide, but as I'm trying to explain my question is not regarding nested multiple levels, but instead overlapping groups, so to say.

Please find second attached illustrating what happens, when I manually add a second group.

Thank you.

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Overlapping groups in the sense that a node belongs to "Group 1" and "Group 3" or "Group 2" and "Group 3" are not possible in yEd.

The best you can do is to simulate overlapping groups visually:

Corresponding GraphML.

To ensure that "Group 1" is rendered below "Group 3", right-click "Group 1" to open its context menu and choose "Lower Selection" (or "Raise Selection" for "Group 3").

Layout algorithms and other tools will not respect such "visual grouping", though.

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