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Which file associations should I create during installation?

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I am a first-time yEd user installing on a Mac running OS X 10.6.8. One of the install windows asks which file associations should be created. What is this, and how do I decide which to create? Is there any reason not to simply select them all for creation? Thanks.
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A file association tells the Mac OS X Finder which kinds of files belong to an application. When you double-click on some file in the Finder, then, based on such a file association, the Finder will open the associated application (and the application will show the file you double-clicked).

The kinds of files that yEd knows (.graphml, .gml, .tgf, etc.)are pre-selected in that install window. Unless you want an application other than yEd to open these kinds of files, there is no reason to deselect any of them.

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