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How to make edges avoid a sub-graph

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In my graph, I have a subgraph consisting of 2 groups containing nodes, with an edge between the groups.  There are no edges between any of these elements and anything in the main part of the graph.  Yet when I use Hierarchical Layout, it always puts this subgraph in the midst of the main graph, with main graph edges passing thru the subgraph.  More sensibly, the subgraph should be off to one side.  I *can* accomplish this with 2 passes, dragging the subgraph to the side between passes then turning on Use Drawing As Sketch, but this seems like behavior that should be easily specifiable.
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Hierarchic layout is a very complex algorithm. Sometimes, an improvement that seems natural and obvious to a human being is very difficult or even outright impossible to formulate within the algorithm's paradigm. Sometimes, you need a specific configuration to achieve the desired result.

If you upload GraphML files that show the desired result and the actual result of the algorithm, we can take a look and tell you if there is a way to configure the algorithm to produce the desired arrangement.
Please see How to upload files to yEd Q&A? for information on uploading files here.

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