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More Information In A Node

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Hi, I was wondering if there is a way to fit a sentence in a node with a label? For example, when documenting a process one of my nodes contain the label "label your cd". So when a user sees this node they will know to label their cd. But I need to provide more information to them regarding what to label and wanted to include that information inside the node if possible.

Is there a way to include more information in a node than just the label?

Thank you!
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1 Answer

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Well, you can specify a tool tip text for each node that is displayed after a short delay if the mouse is over a node. To do so, select the node in question, go to the properties table in yEd's lower right corner, find the section "Data", and enter your additional information into the "Description" field.

If "Description" alone does not suffice, You can also create additional properties using "Edit" -> "Manage Custom Properties".

Finally, nodes and edges support multiple labels. To add a second, third, etc label, right-click the node/edge to open its context menu and choose "Add Label".
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